Apathy, yes I do have it today. Just attempted my maths homework, we’re supposed to mark it ourselves but I’m buggered if I can find the answers so going to have to leave that until I can work out where on the email they are. All good fun though eh? I think I’ve got most of them right, he said to answer the first ten and that should ensure I get the pass mark because all I want to do is get to uni’ so I can study the arts of English writing and creativity, not faff about learning algebra which I’ll never use again unless I write a story about an evil maths genius who uses number equations to kill his pitiful victims. The chances of that are probably some form of pathetic equation to0 but I really don’t care. Numbers suck; in fact, if you did a check you’ll probably find there’s an equation for that too, like; who cares? Anyway, just as much chance of me passing a scientific paper as me ever having any interest in the tedium that is mathematics. Every time I go to the class I find myself burning to tell the rst of them how much I enjoy our Monday ‘mathsdebates’ but I feel it would be puerile: I know I won’t be able to resisit in the end though but not ‘at the end of the day’ only donkey-breath kabab-lickers say things like that.

‘Til the next time


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