Random abandon

I bought a new hat; woollen; Sochi-gay. A deliberate attempt to align myself with all that might ruffle Russian feathers but there is a slight issue. My right earlobe suffers from less coverage than might be advisable on the sort of days that a hat might be needed and I find myself tugging at one corner. I could tie the little pigtails bits under my chin to pull the ear-cover-bits (is there a word for those) tight but I wonder if that is going just a little too far down ‘that’ road? It’s already a venture into the unknown wearing wool with such a smattering of purple, yellow and beige rings around the perimeter, I wonder if I might end up being abused if I tie the ends? I’m certain that if I found myself on the rough hard streets of Moscow the local toughs might set upon me as though we’re still living in the times of Dickens or worse, Liberache, or before Elton got married!

How a whole nation can be so behind the times is beyond me. Obviously no-one straight wants to find themselves on the receiving end of helmet but attacking those that are born to the penis isn’t going to change the burglars is it? It is your right to disapprove of anything but that is it, an intellectual concept, no more. Becoming physical in your naivety merely proves your own idiocy with little to no effect upon those you’re trying to dictate to. 

Buy a hat, join the fightback, just make sure your lobes are warm.


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