Whether to confront the weather or whether it’s better to never mind the weather or the incredibly irritating weathermen with ill-hidden semis scratching against their corduroys and slick-assed slacks. There’s something immensely unseemly about weathergeeks and their excitement over yet another day of  torrential rain when there are so many suffering the consequences. Their ill-disguised glee at having a proper ‘weather event’ to comment on obviously makes gussets sop, turgid lengths throb as shoulders and backs writhe with the frisson as another exciting front develops that can then be related to us, their public; their authorititiveness no doubt spurring them to self-pleasure once their spell in front of the camera is over, eueuw!

Whatever the weather it gives me little pleasure to question whether the weather is meritorious of our attention or whether it is just weather and should therefore be left to itself and the weathergeek be kept in a nasty little damp patch in a box


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