Old news, new script

Started going over my first novel again tonight. So much to correct although the ideas are good but the writing is terrible. I’ve got so much more idea of structure now and visualisation, essential when you’re writing fantasy. I’ve finally realised that it’s market is kids to teenage, not adult. Half the battle isn’t it, realising your market, although I have no doubt there will be just as few interested in reading this as everything else that’s been ignored but I have no more idea how to change that than I have about how to repopulate Christmas Island.
Does Christmas Island need repopulating you might ask, well, yes and no, sun and rain, ant and dec, men and women, a popular concept that somehow chimes with the death toll of incompatibility but perhaps my experience and that of every male I’ve ever known, heard of, read about and made up is not good enough judgement on the subject; after all we don’t have the foresight of the female superior. I don’t think I have the balls to ask one though just in case they put me right, again.
I’m sensing I’ve gone off the subject, lost the crux, the nub, the course of the narrative so probably best to call it a night, you know; the night. It is 3:18 am so I’m definitely calling that the night


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