Grandad naps

I had one of those post-dinner, you’re-going-to-sleep-now-and-tough-if-you-don’t-like-it naps this afternoon and now I’m still up at four in the morning but I have to say that ever since I got old and my body has begun to enforce these random sleeps on me I’ve just gone with it and they’re probably the most rewarding of all sleeps. Night time bed just seems to leave me spaced out and unsatisfied (sounds like my ex) but the middle of the day half hour or as-long-as-I-feel-like-ac-tu-a-ll-ee sleeps are amazing. I’m always astonished how totally impossible it is to fight the urge too, like body says yes, mind tries to say no but there is simply no contest, body wins, brain closes down, zzzzz, beautiful. Within an hour I’ve got proper energy like night-sleep is meant to bring.
I think I might be turning into a baby the older I get, I eat, I poo, I sleep when I feel like it, I play with my food, I talk a lot of rubbish. Back to nappies soon


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