The dearth of Darth.

Not a fantastic lover of t-shirts, especially the ring-neck tee. What is that about? A man of my calibre needs a v-neck, perhaps a number of buttons a la the rugby shirt style or perhaps the flounciness of the Fred Perry. It seems to me the general state of men’s clothing is dire but then when you’re on an, ahem, ‘limited budget,’ ie, a benefit-scrounging lazy work-shy dog of satan, complaining seems a luxury that is primarily for the rich but I am English so I will have my say. Castle; every mans home etc…
So there I am, not a lover of the tee, not a fan of the slogan, certainly not a lover of the ironic jokey picture that would have been ironic were in not repeated way too fcuk (this was NEVER funny) much, but when faced with the beauty of Darth Vader manning the decks, one hand raised in emulation of the D.J. calling the yoot to the floor to ‘ave it large n ting’ well; I quivered; wavered: quavered. Should I? Could I seriously take the chance? It seems unlikely the heroic pose could ever become tiresome, Darth AND raving?
Suffice to say I have succumbed to the ring neck sadness of the picture fronted tee-shit with a classic design. I’m sure some will mock. There will be hand gestures, there may even be those unkind souls who suggest a man is dressed as lamb way beyond his wrinkled status but I declare no-one can deny the power of the force, those that tried have only to remember Luke, I mean if anyone looked like they could mince about the dance-floor it was Pastel-Luke.
Put ya mutha-fa-kin light sabres in the ayeerrrr!


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