Complimentary complicated compilations

The efficacy of compiling music in the hope it might invoke some sort of interest when in most cases it’s unlikely to be appreciated? Luckily I have a fairly easy time of it whizzing through my collection. There is music that simply should be appreciated and if not there is obviously a problem with the recipient thereby negating further acquaintance. (Psychedelic Furs, Placebo, Muse, Metric, I could go on) I kind of figure if you like music then there are certain types of band that will appeal right across the board although there are the Bruce Springsteen fans who don’t get that Dire Straits and Dylan suck and can’t work out why.
Still, it’s all subjective isn’t it but I do try to offer a vague alternative even if the alternative is now the mainstream. I’m so old I can remember when house music was the underground BEFORE S club 7 stole some of the best bits and began turning children into the future E-users.
Yes, it was their fault!
Anyway, a friend wanted to hear the new Warpaint cd so I thought I’d put some similar but slightly more uptempo guff together for the old fart only to realise that what I consider mellow is grating noise to some. Oh well, it’s all an education isn’t it; well, unless it’s in the popular charts. If it’s not played in Costa you know you’re on the right track. I think I can guarantee most of my favourite songs aren’t although why School of Seven Bells are not enormous I have no idea. They’ll probably become known their time has passed.
I suppose I’m lucky the only person who makes me CDs is my brother who does have exceptionally good taste, most of the time.
I struggle to forgive the Nick Cave fetish though


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