Diet, don’t try it, shoot yo ass like a looter in a riot.

Just had my first mc’flurry in two months.
My teeth feel as if someone’s burnt them, it’s grrreat!
Couldn’t help overhearing a seventeen-year old complaining about how her mother insists on rules and decent behaviour and how unfair it is and how she tries to impinge on her life; whilst no doubt paying for it. How unfair?
None of the boys in here can pronounce their TH’s, everything’s everyfing, somefing, cushty and f-words even though there are kids everywhere.
I could never have envisaged that me using the same words but swearing quietly so old people, ladies and children can’t hear would make me feel old but here we are in a brave new world where showing consideration for others is regarded as an affront to the rights of the foul-mouthed twonk to talk at full volume without the slightest interest in whether their language might be considered offensive. The fact that these are the children of people younger than me and that my generation only added to the problem is truly disturbing.
I only came in to replace some of the grandad flab that’s been steadily shifting from my belly, a treat for being good for two months and I end up with a treaties on the modern society. And people think mcds serves little purpose?


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