The answer is…ducks

So, not the best start to my Saturday. Got up late, bit of a mood surprisingly considering everything appeared good until I made it a few hundred yards from home and the iPod ran out of power, grrrr.
No matter, not the end of the world. Carry on to the Oxfam bookshop and hope the dragon book I saw in the window last night is still there….no; of course not, grrrr.
Okay, don’t stress. See an R.E.M biography so decide to have a look at that as my brothers birthday is in April (he has an R.E.M. fetish) but in the process of taking information into my struggling mind I become aware of a hideous row squawling around me, Ella Fitzgerald, oh jeeesuss the horror of dweebdidwoo doodlebibdebop. Bloody idiot! Grrrr proper.
So, onwards; the relief upon exiting Satan’s music store was aaaamaaazing. Next LDL for the purpose of examining the flip-up crash helmets they have jus got in stock. Matt black (the ONLY colour for crash helmets surely?) inner visor, easy on/off, great price £40, zow! I’ve recently purchased a new lid, (LDL lid, lids at LDL, oh yesss) er; anyway, I recently bought a Frank Thomas flip front lid, usually go for Caberg but fancied a change and a new colour, white actually, and in the process tried plenty of makers and was astonished to find that the German-made lids at LDL (oooof) are easily as good as half the twice the price and more guff that the bike retailers try to stitch us up for. Soooo, I bought a nice Matt black one, lid (LDL lid, woohoo) inner visor, 2 spare visors, spare cheek pads, winter neck warmer thingie and conforms to all the safety guff the EU insists on. I figure if it’s made in Germany, the country of rules and standards, conformity, homologous homologenised, homolgationism then there’s a pretty fair chance the thing is a bargain and if not, well; it’s only death. Might as well go with your exploded and embedded with cheap bits of plastic as lying in your old peoples home bed smelling of pee pee eh?
So what about the ducks?
I’m getting to it: chill!
Yes, ducks…after stressing, spending money (always a chore) I began the music-free plod home (grrr) but thought better of it and so made a slight detour to sit in the Quay arts centre cafe from where one must enjoy the terrace and the consequent overlooking of the quay whereupon little cute duckywucks and swans alight for the pleasure of us locals. As usual families bring their toddlers along to feed the greedy buggers and, for me, I find the whole scene a joy. Water, birds, waterfowl, coffee, happy children and a pleasant ambience, what could be more guaranteed to quiet your grrrr?
Get ducks, they make sense of the stupidest days.


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