Rights and wrongs

I don’t make the rules, I’m guessing the guy that did was one of those fwafwafwafwafwa types from Eton, probably an ancestor of the filth of Cameron but regardless, the rules are there and apparently they’re set in stone because if we in the west believe ourselves to be better than Johnny Foreigner, more civilised, more educated, fairer, la la la la, then one must abide by certain rules in general but never more so than on the battlefield.
Now some people seem to think it is okay to shoot a wounded Muslim when he’s down and I fully understand the hate theory, the ‘fuck him, he’s an enemy’ theory, the ‘our guy was losing it after so many tours’ theory but the fact is that the argument goes that if we wish to retain the higher moral ground then we have to abide by the rules that Johnny Foreigner ignores.
No murder; no rape; no abusing prisoners; definitely no shooting prisoners in the head when they’re on the floor and most definitely not then admitting that you’ve ‘just broken the Geneva Convention,’ a minor little convention that most of the ‘civilised’ west agrees might be good ground rules to stick to in the event of conflict. As we’ve recently been expounding on the disregarding of said Geneva Convention in the cases of Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Afghanistan, Burma, Thailand, Iraq, South Ossetia, now it’ll start again in Ukraine and we haven’t even begun in Africa!
I don’t want to start an argument or upset the consensus but maybe it might be an idea if our troops stuck to the rules they signed up to when they agreed to take the job on?
I don’t get it either, fight fire with fire, an eye for an eye and all that but this is the society and the rules we agree to abide by so: DO SO.
No excuses, if you break the rules you pay the price, same as in civvies, same as any country in the world. Simple; basic; everyone knows what is expected, easy.
I seriously wonder about the intellect of certain members of society when they stand up for a murderer who admits he’s a murderer, admits he’s done wrong, accepted the convention when he signed up then goes and breaks it. Don’t do the crime.
We are no better than anyone else, just different and SO privileged to be allowed to be so.
My God, look at Russia who in general, I believe, agree to human rights, so long as you’re not gay, transsexual, lesbian, opinionated, American or (God save us) democratic.
They’ve invaded a sovereign country and yet the Paralympians are still claiming ‘oh we’re just sportsmen, it’s not for us to make the judgement. Oh yes I am sorry about the women being beaten for voicing an opinion, oh yes and I am sorry about the gays being abused for being born different, yes I am sorry about the 70 odd dead in Kiev, yes I am sorry about a country that hates difference but I just want to do my sport, it’s not for me to train for four years then sacrifice my goal to help others.’
Really? If I was in a position to make some form of protest that, okay it would be ignored because Russia don’t care a shhh what the world thinks, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the statement anyway. There are other events where these people can display their skill and how better to gain respect than sacrifice?
Where did everyone’s balls disappear to?


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