MyTo violence, or not?

My nephew was assaulted by one of his ‘friends’ on Saturday night.
The concept of fighting amongst ‘friends’ totally bypasses any ability my brain has to decipher the concept?
I’ve had many ‘friends’ become strangers because of their aggression towards their partners or their inability to respect the sanctity of marriage/relationships but never through violence but then I’m not the sort of person you want to raise a fist to.
How we’ve managed to grow a generation that seem to consider not only going out to get absolutely wankered as the norm but the fact that it ‘might kick off’ as a regular part of their evenings out is way beyond me. I used to hang out with bikers, druggies, yobs, thugs but no-one ever started fights amongst each other and generally nobody dared start on us because we were scary, although as mellow a group of people you could ever wish to meet if treated with respect.
The guy wasn’t content to just punch, he then decided to stamp on Ben’s head, resulting in strip to the hospital!
What the F! as those young dudes say.
If he was a hard guy I could understand it but I doubt either of them have ever had a fight before so where did they learn such behaviour? X-box, PS5, gameboy, dumb films like fast & fuckwittish?
I’m not old, I was there, I’ve drunk for England too, I was that binge drinker but I don’t fight when I’m drunk; I dance; or make stupid jokes; or roll about harmlessly on the floor.
There is something wrong at the core of our youth that wasn’t there twenty/thirty years ago and I don’t think it’s anything to do with discipline; it’s a rage that runs wild and a disregard for principles that were embedded within kids my age. Even though we’ve tried to instil the same in our kids, somehow they’ve bounced off and left us with these weirdos who kick fuck out of each other when it goes wrong.
Hopefully they will all learn a bit of restraint but what a way to learn!
I suppose we were lucky, no real damage…this time.


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