Think I might have got up a bit too early.
I’m supposed to be doing my English homework but it’s beyond tedious, Steven Mallatratt’s hideous treatment of The Woman In Black (yawn)
Had to get out of the house so I’ve been dawdling, meandering and scuffing my heels a la six year old in a strop. Unfortunately I have to face class later but that’s later, for now I get to sample the delight that is the M&S cafe. It’s like a motorway caff from the mid 80’s, certainly not the quality you would expect and their coffee is merely adequate. Where’s the lady with the sex-voice to sooth me into my worn plastic chair now, where’s the silky throat-soothing liqueur of Venus to salve my parch? These places try to forge an impression of quality only to proffer an inadequate lie that’s easily dismissed litho ugh I have to admit their very chocolatey choccy biscuits really are VERY chocolatey, not that that will make up for the disappointment of their facilities.
Anyway, next on the list of homework avoidance schemes is to wander in a moody teenage bottom-lippy sort of fug towards the town where I can stare at smokers and car drivers using their mobiles furtively between traffic lights. You know the put-it-between-my-legs-and-keep-glancing-around-and-hope-to-flllrrr-the-cops-don’t-see-me asses that will hopefully smash into the back of the car in front one of these days. Explain that to your insurance Shane, Kerry, Shaniqua n ting is it.


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