Chav Central?

I wonder how we have managed to spawn a generation who seem to think the volume of your exhaust is something to be aspired to?
Never In human existence have so many mechanical incompetents taken so much interest in the sound of their engines whilst having so little understanding of compression or of the adverse effect of starving the engine of sufficient back-pressure.
(I haven’t got a clue really but it sounds good doesn’t it?)
I wonder what issues this generation have regarding their obviously low self-esteem that causes them to seek approval from; who, exactly, by enhancing the volume of something that really would be far better off being as unobtrusive as possible. Who is it that’s going to be impressed by the hideous row blaring out as they pointlessly waste fuel driving round and round Newport ‘flooring it’ so as to utilise the echo from empty shops? What causes such a constant craving of attention? Is this another example of the GTA generation mistaking game-play for reality?
It’s a little like the naughty kid who seeks ANY attention, good or bad, but can’t differentiate between the two. Surely impressing the little kids hanging round outside Mc’d’s every evening because there’s no youth club for ADHD badge holders doesn’t hold that much kudos?
I’ve lived in many different places but I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a concentration of ‘zawst wankers’ in one area before. Obviously if you go to some of the shittier mainland estates you will find plenty of crappy cars with tinted windows and ‘ironic’ window stickers…council estate rude boys… council house bangers…etc but in a nice place like the Isle of Wight it seems bizarre to my middle class mind that so many otherwise decent kids feel the need to ruin everyone else’s day by behaving like rude oiks.
Perhaps it’s the chav version of the Slipknot skulls and death-mask tattoos of the metal-kids, maybe it’s as simple as trying to stand out from mummy and daddy by asserting a little independence but whatever; as a resident; a motorcyclist; a believer in the quality, not the noise, of the motor I feel I have to register my distaste for the whole sad episode in what could so easily have been a great chapter in human advancement in the last few decades before the tides and storms wash us away like those sad eroded concrete barricades on a beach that can never be tamed.


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