Spring? Is it

I went out in a pair of just-below-the-knee jeans today, I apologise for the flesh on display but I think once a gent reaches a certain age it’s unbecoming to wear the short short in public but I’m afraid I cannot adhere to the three quarter ‘wanker-pant’ either so, when I returned I made a small adjustment by removing a sixth, possibly more, of the offending material. (I’m studying maths, yes with an S, pedantry being my perogative)
What I hadn’t realised before the cut was the astonishing knee-cuddling quality of a tiny piece of cloth and the subsequent; well, not what you could legitimately call a chill but there was a most definite change in the comfort level. Still, I believe in the splendour of a mans knee, not other men’s knees no: specifically; my splendid knees.
Not sure when I’ll get the opportunity to expose the half-length jeans to the general public though. I’ve got school tomorrow and I don’t feel confident enough to expose myself there, possibly not a great idea, so it’ll have to wait until a more opportune environment avails itself. I’m thinking beach-type exposure preferably but that means a dodgy motorcycle journey without adequate protection, not great! I’ve only just got my bike gear up together again after a lay-off and the consequences of ‘flabbing-up’ over Christmas. Two months of constant dieting has brought the belly into some form of order but I’m not down to thong, sandals and socks on the beach buff…yet, beware.
Anyway, it’s great to see a bit of sun. The summer haircut is in effect, the tan will start soon and if world war three starts all because the Europeans underestimated the Russian tendency to be ever-so-slightly-possessive, who gives a shit so long as it’s on a sunny day?
Me, I’ll be straight In the ice-cream shop for a last lick of heaven before the blast-wave melts my sprinkles


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