To maths or not?

Today we’ve been learning how to find the volume of cylinders by using radius and pie to calculate. I think I may have begun to understand the process by which it’s done but as with every other part of my course I am prone to forgetting astonishingly quickly some REALLY important processes, like how to understand standard form for instance.
This stuff is V important as without it I don’t have a hope of getting to uni to study English!
Maths to study English?! I hear you ask…
Why not learn computer-science to study dance?
How about English literature to help translate Russian to Serbian?
What about mechanical engineering to help on your horticulture course?
I may be being lazy but I do genuinely believe I may suffer from discalculus which doesn’t mean I won’t eventually get enough inside me to pass the exam but the level of work and stress involved just to jump through a hoop only to forget everything within the time it takes me to close my maths book and walk from my last lesson does appear to me to be a huge waste of my time and the resources of my teacher and the college.
I’m 51, I know what I want to do, know my strengths and weaknesses and I’m hardly likely to retain information about numbers after all these years when I have a poop-chute from the back of my brain that drops open as soon as the lesson is over and deposits all the information down my back while I’m walking/cycling/whatever. Tiny little parts of the processes get stuck to parts of my brain but unfortunately when I try and piece those bits together they invariably form in the wrong order. Saying that, I can do all the regular stuff that ‘normal’ people do, add, subtract, rough percentages, etc but the extras, algebra, graphs, calculus, are pointless unless I one day write a novel about a mathematician. I might do just for the hell of it but there are other far more interesting subjects to be covered first, love, death, murder,, not poxy vampires, or stoopid werewolves or anything to do with dopey ghosts or the supernatural cock that seems to be the latest bore-me-to-sleep fad.
Quality writing doesn’t require fads or sex to sell it, a few nice metaphors, some wicked vocabularyisation, that’s the way and if not then maybe I’ll try doing the math(S)
Dumb Yankees, there’s an S in it, pronounce it or F to the C to the K orfff


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