I’m not the best educated soul on the planet.
I’m not a great political ANALyst either, (too childish) but I think that if the population of an, admittedly disputed, territory calls an election and a huge majority makes it’s views known, even if they are contradictory to what some might wish but nonetheless the wishes of the majority are reflected, then that is without any doubt a democratic process, yes?

So, okay, I get that the Kiev thing was reported by the western press as a great democratic vote but…there actually wasn’t a vote was there?
I get that the people wanted change, I get that if they had been given the chance to vote they may well have voted for the change of government that they brought about by force but there was no legitimate vote…so…does it not make some sense that Russia does not recognise the wishes of the people of Ukraine without the democratic vote that they gave to the people of Crimea, however disputed? I don’t doubt there is a lot more to it all than my weak mind can work out but if you look at it from the Russian viewpoint I can see that to their way of thinking there has been a slight bending of rules.
I can see that there is no way they are going to allow their naval base to be overrun by a ‘rogue-nation’ without a ‘legitimate’ leader.
Perhaps I’m simplifying things but isn’t that what the western media did by jumping into Kiev on the first flight to report the ‘struggle for democracy’ so fervently when as we all know democracy involves ballots, not battles.
The longer all this goes on and the hysteria spreads the more I’m taking in the apparent sense of Moscow’s argument and doubting parliament and especially the sometimes over-wrought bias of the media.

The Arab spring was a lot of shit anyway, women being gang-raped by backward-thinking pig-men with no concept of decency, no honour, no acceptance of the basic tenets of democracy, i.e. Everyone, EVERYONE, is entitled to an opinion, women are given the same freedom of autonomy as men, genital mutilation (a massive problem in Egypt) is outlawed, sexual freedom is encouraged, racial and religious divisiveness is discouraged, and on and on.
These people have a long way to go before they can be treated with any level of respect. When they show the respect they demand, maybe they can ask for the same from others and from their God.

The western media appears to have tried to equate Kiev with the madness of Egypt and Syria when it is nothing of the sort and besides, if we are indeed encouraging democracy…the power of the ballot box…the power of the people to decide their future by voting for it, shouldn’t we respect the choice of the Crimean people?
97% is a massive vote, some of those must have been Tartars too, it’s not enough to claim ethnic diversification has claimed the vote. If 20% of the country is Tartar it still means a significant proportion voted for Russian, not Ukrainian ethnicity.

I don’t trust our media at the best of times and I watched the battles in Kiev and listened to the pro-democracy bias but I think Ukraine is free to keep its sovereignty now, it just appears the Russians understandably want to keep their port in the Crimean which may or may not have been part of Russia up until the Second World War anyway.
Weren’t parts of Ukraine once part of Poland until Hitler invaded?
There’s a whole load of history needs explaining and a whole lot of western propaganda needing unpicking before a dumbo like me can make an informed decision but I know one thing, democracy doesn’t seem quite so democratic lately.
Jeeesuss, we all voted, no-one wanted the Tories OR the Liberals but we ended up with both of the incompetent mummies boy ‘elite’ from the old boys club. Where’s the fairness in that, old boy?

Democracy…my ass!
How many millionaires on the front benches?
How many ex public schoolboys?
How many lords and ladies amongst them?
How many of these ‘leaders of men’ these ‘paragons of society’ manage to buy their own pants?
I will never trust a man who requires a woman to shop for his underwear, freaks!
Doesn’t seem like cricket to me.


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