Twedious tweeter

I may be way behind the game here but was twatter not invented so people could post what they just ate, pictures of their feet, car, whatever?
Since when did it become a site for tedious mungbeans to advertise their services incessantly, I mean like every twenty minutes? What sort of ass can be bothered with that and even of there’s some smart as way to repeat twatt I don’t care.
I want to know the other stuff.
Who did you hate today, what did your dog do, your cat say, the lamppost tell you etc. I like to put random shhhh on there, nothing serious, life’s too serious as it is without wasting your time with work, networking, sell sell, sell, me me me, tedious boring bored borers sticky tediumski.

I saw a guy in the council offices with a suit and tie, briefcase, bald, apart from the side bits but as he passed me I realised this guy had grown the back and tied it into a tiny messy little excuse of a ponytail that simply marked him out as a man you would not want to meet in a lavatory, or sit next to on a bus, or a few seats along from in a darkened cinema.
I imagined he might be the sort of man who plays air-guitar to Queen records or probably Dire Straits is more like it.
Now mentioning that on twatter is well worth it.
Saying you saw someone slip on a doggy doodoo bag…brilliant! There are all manner of things that require sharing.

Lily Allen has got it down but then didn’t she invent it?

Anyway, just thought I’d share. If I think of anything else I’ll post it on twatter, not here.
Love you


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