The ‘good old days?’

So the Isle of Wight police are asking for advisors to help them provide a better service, and?
Well, here we go with the same old pathetic, tired argument that — ‘in the good old days’ — short hair for boys/long for girls, — jumpers for goalposts, — bobbies on the beat, yes whatever!
Short memories endear boring cliches.
What the jumpers for goalposts generation (er; that’s me then) forget is there were totally different levels of personal responsibility and general expectations of behaviour in those wondrous crime-free years of…er; when was it exactly?
The 60’s? Kray twins, Great train robbery, Myra Hindley…
Okay, it must have been the 70’s then? I.R.A. London riots, football hooligans…
80’s? Broadwater farm riots, Yorkshire ripper…
Hmm, okay, I give in.

You get the society you wish for when everyone fights for it and sometimes that does mean you have to…fight for it, or be prepared to put yourself in the way of danger for your principles.
I have in the last few years taken drunks to task.
Stopped gobby kids annoying everyone else in the library.
Done the same with an elderly gent who appeared to believe his age gave him greater rights than others.
I have also dealt with drunks on a number of occasions because no-one else had the guts to, a simple phone call is enough.
Since when did we become a society of such wimps? Just because someone once got beaten to death in London for confronting a gang member doesn’t mean that every time you ask a kid in the supermarket to “please stop shouting the F-word at full volume in front of my child” you will be stabbed. This is the island, I don’t think we grow those type of kids, yet.

For example; I was sat, sadly I know, in a certain fast food restaurant recently and found myself astonished that the same swear words I use regularly under my breath and most definitely NEVER in earshot of ladees or the elderly are now bellowed across said restaurant with no regard for whoever else might be hearing them. Now, I am 51 but I don’t look like your average dad; in fact I look like the sort of person who perhaps has smoked rather too much waccy baccy in their dark past but even so, when I caught the eye of one particularly loud lad shouting the F-word to his friends he suddenly became very sheepish and toned it down. If my grandchildren had been present he would have been told to shut it, or else!
It is down to us to back up the good work done by the majority of parents. Kids know right from wrong, they often just need reminding and okay the odd one will get lippy but I can take a punch if it comes to it, it’s not the end of the world.

Of course the police can’t do everything. If you think they can keep you safe from every little incident forget it, sometimes you have to stand your ground and stand up for others.
We all know idiots who text whilst driving, or smoke spliff and drive, or drink and drive, or sell knock-off stuff in the pub. It’s up to you, moan, or do something. I prefer the proactive.
Tonight I had the misfortune to listen to a particularly vile drunk abusing his partner outside my flat so I had a look and my raised voice was enough to shut him up and move them on. If not I go down and do whatever else is needed but there is no option to just leave him to abuse her in public.
Remember that could be your daughter one day, better hope there are more like me than the type of people who sit at home complaining about the ‘good old days’ whilst bemoaning the fact that there aren’t enough ‘bobbies on the beat.’ What a load of rubbish.
I think the police, in general, do a decent job. Have a go if you think you could do better. How do they keep their tempers under control?!?

I grew up in the countryside, never saw the police, or only VERY rarely. I don’t remember any crime-waves.
CCTV, personal responsibility, not expecting someone else to solve all your problems and a bit of gumption go a long way.
I always think of that lone woman who stood up to those huge guys robbing a jewellers in wherever it was.
What’s right is right, what’s wrong…isn’t.
The ‘good old days’ are now for our kids and grandchildren, best you do something to make sure they know the difference.


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