Social media sellers

I don’t think it’s okay to use your twitter or whatever as a source of income. Different if you’re already well known, I suppose it’s going to be inevitable but setting your twitter account to churn out hourly adverts for your products is sinful and vile and shouldn’t be allowed in my book. Well; not actually IN one of my books, I’ve got better things to write about than that sort of guff but you know what I mean?
I do put stuff up about my books on my Fbuk page but that’s because I know loads of other authors but I really don’t expect to sell any through it. It’s a little bit of showing off to those that think I’m a tool. I am but I am a tool who can dedicate a lot of time to achieving goals that a lot of others can’t. Fifteen books and counting but hey, I’m not boasting…much.
I get that the hardest thing is to get yourself out there and get a name for yourself but I’m not convinced that twitter is the place to do that.
I just put the cover of my last book on my Fbuk page just because it’s an awesome picture but the book’s not on sale and I’m not sure if it will be.
Pointless when no-one’s interested is it?
I’ll have another one finished soon and that’s staying at home too.
I like keeping my children safe from those that don’t appreciate.
Maybe if I could get hardbacks printed but just shoving them online’s a waste of time. Might as well stick them in a bottle and throw it in the sea.
Bitter? Maybe, maybe I am a little. So much work goes into producing a novel I resent not being able to convince anyone to read the poxy things but irritating my friends by flooding my social media sites isn’t going to help and I’d imagine annoying people who don’t know me would have the same effect. There must be a strategy that would help my sales but until I work out what it is I’m going to hoard my work, keep refining it and stuff the media. People will find out if they really want to.


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