Is the dream over?

The social network, has it finally begun to plot it’s own downfall?
I’ve never been a huge fan of Facebook but lately it’s turned into the place where the eternally dull go to copy other peoples posts then repost them as their own in the hope (I assume) of making themselves appear less tedious than they truly are. As those groovetastic youngsters might say…epic fail!
I always thought it was where you went to interact with ‘friends’ and discuss the minutiae of life without the tedium of actually having to speak, or worse, actually go out and spend time in someone else’s beige hellhole of an over sanitised homage to advertising channels, too much spare cash and tastelessness.
Never has so much been available to so many for so little and so tawdry a scene created with so much.

I shouldn’t bitch, my space is no home but I’m a single man, what do you expect? I’ve got a computer, guitars, TV, what the furry pet else does a man need?

Anyway, I think maybe it’s about time they stopped the photo-sharing thing, especially the pre-written philosiphications that some monkeys put up as if they are the arbiters of taste because they once read something that sounded clever. Christ, if you can’t write it, don’t quote it!
I swear these are the idiots who walk round with an arm or chest covered in papyrus script with some random quote about life and how to live it.
I might consider having my own quote on me but NEVER anyone else’s. Even the likes of Einstein are tedious dicks when it comes to quotes but the crap I’ve seen on the average munk* is Clinton’s cards/Christmas cracker stuff but somehow the furrykings of aunts believe they’re showing off their better-than-ours intelligence. Hmmm, if you want to do that how about not getting it tattooed on you? How about NOT having Carpe Diem tattooed on the back of your neck?
I have never seen a professor at ANY of the top universities with quotes from their heroes inked into their flesh so I’m guessing it’s best kept in your head and fished out at dinner parties. Personally I don’t know what Carpe Diem means, is it whatever happens or something naff like that? What will be will be? Sounds like something Rolf Harris would write a song about.

Still; I’m starting to sound bitchy now so before I say something facetious I’ll just say…

Man has but one turn around the font of knowledge in his short existence, better to exist in perpetual naivety than to quote the best of another.

Tattoo that muthertoucher…I dare you

*Munk~ slightly less than intellectual.


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