A little support?

Is it too much to ask that your friends support you in certain areas?
Oh, you want an example? Well, that’s handy because I have just the thing.
An ex put a post on Fbuk regarding a girl, Paige Rodbard-Brown, eleven years old, who had just been featured on Channel 4 news. Horrific story, she has crps which means she’s in constant pain, like the sort of cutting-off-a-limb-without-anaesthetic type pain that would destroy most adults let alone a young kid…so, I thought okay I’ll give the proceeds from one of my Ebooks to help and ask my friends to repost my Fbuk post and hopefully, within a few weeks, we’ll raise a lump towards the £15,000 she needs to purchase the wheelchair she desperately needs.
To my astonishment only one person bought a copy of the book and a couple reposted my request and that was it!
Cue astonished face, slight shock and disappointment.

So, when the first few no make-up selfies appeared I was as interested as everyone else, good idea; GREAT idea.
I watched Loose Women a few days ago and the girl who started it all was on there being interviewed. Amazingly, 8 million pounds and counting has been raised for cancer charities, brilliant but then I thought back to MY meagre request…£3:00 for an Ebook, all the profit to Paige’s charity and you get a free book for your donation…one sold!
So, now I am fucking livid, like really – fucking – pissed – off.
What the fuck have you got to do to get some fucking support from anyone in this country? A girl, eleven, is in agony every fucking day and the people I know, my family, friends, ex-colleagues, acquaintances, can’t spare three fucking quid to help her?
My friend’s daughter is running a marathon for a cancer charity and she’s already raised £750 for fucks sake but I can only sell one poxy book to help out an ill English girl while the fucking Afghani/Syrian/Iraqi/African children are receiving millions from this country? On the TV today they said the Afghan election is costing us 100million but I can’t get my ‘friends’ to help an English girl in agony?
There’s something wrong with people, or maybe it’s me but I’ve put the fucking request back up and this time it’s help or fuck off; repost, buy a book, send some cash to her trust fund or go fuck yourselves and don’t fucking bother me again. I don’t do charity, I don’t make conditions on my friendship but I know one thing, if one of my friends wrote books I’d buy them regardless of the reason and if any of them asked me to support a cause they believed in of course I would and I haven’t had a job in four fucking years!!

Er…or fuck off, like forever


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