Warm enough?

When is a 15 tog quilt not tog enough?
When you lay down for one of those can’t-keep-my-eyes-open-a-minute-longer naps that wash over the, ahem, more-mature gentleman only to find yourself waking up cold and being aware of merely skimming the surface of sleep due to the increasing discomfort of the lack of a decent temperature. Fine in the middle of a cold snap but as we’re having an unseasonably mild April I find it a distinct inconvenience and it’s not the first time I’ve questioned the validity of the markings on the product. I mean, you pay out a bit extra for the proper feather guff (duck feather and down ac tu a ll eee) so you expect it to keep you snuggly but this thing is all but bloody useless when it’s cold cold.
Maybe my body just can’t manufacture heat like it used to?
It’s weird because I’d only just got back from a long walk; slight rise in heart rate; slight rise in temperature.
The idea is to get the metabolism metabolised right out but when it reduces me to a slumbering cotton-wool-headed incumbent of zed-land, snore avenue, snoozington. It’s not much bloody use to anyone is it?
Age…what is it good for?
snorin an a snoozin,
say it again
I said age…what is it good for?


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