F-buk off!

I’m really trying to stop with Facebook but then I find myself flicking through it again and wondering what is up with me?
What? like you’re ever going to find anything of interest on there!
Saying that, there are a few people I enjoy chatting to but then there are also a hell of a lot of asses.
I don’t get this thing of canvassing likes. What the?
So someone presses the like button, what, exactly, do you get from that? Needy, yes I am but even I don’t crave attention that much.
It would be nice if every time I posted something I got some interesting responses and a bit of chat but people aren’t clever enough for that. They’ve all gone for the ‘like’ button rather than responding with an articulate reply because there are so few braincells shared amongst the population now.
It’s like the click and share thing.
Click on someone else’s quote, paste it onto your page as if you came up with the philosophise-ism yourself when the last time the kind of person who does that had an original thought was possibly…er…never?
If you have some thing worth saying you’re not going to need to copy other peoples ideas are you fucktool!
I disappoint myself by apparently being unable to break my habit.
I thought I was above such depravity?
It feels like self-abuse in public, ohhh, maybe that’s why? Maybe it’s the feeling of dirtying myself, soiling myself, shaming myself, that makes me do it again and again. Maybe I’ll go back on there after writing this, one last depraved moment before bed. Actually I am going back on to post a picture asking people not to ask me for ‘likes.’
I don’t, ahem, like it. Rofl, fnar, lol. God, I am so sorry.

How did we all become such frequent self-abusers?


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