Walking to remain awake

You should move way from your computer screen to increase the flow of ideas ~ The Times.
Wow; insightful! I mean, who knew?
Luckily I had a go at typing, tried uploading to iPad and working on that to keep mobile but guess what? A pad of paper is as mobile as it gets and when it comes to transcribing from pad to Mac you get chance to do your first cursory proofing. I’m finally ‘getting’ the stuff I read and dismissed when I first began this odyssey.
No, there is not an easy way.
No, there are NO shortcuts.
Yes you will rewrite, rewrite and probably still wish you’d rewritten again even when finally you give in and publish knowing it’s not perfect but…life is not perfect; art; music; nothing is perfect so, let go.
An attempt at the best you can produce is all that’s needed. A recognition of the process. A tribute to the others who are now considered where you would like to be is the best any of us can offer. I would love to have my work revered and discussed along with other quality authors. It seems highly unlikely but at least I’m attempting to fly without feathers rather than setting my sights low and not even pushing myself. Fuck it’s hard though.
Today I feel I may have got stuck with my same old characters, it’s so difficult to create distinct character traits. My humour is mine, I can’t make up someone else’s just as I can’t transplant personalities. I try to doctor the dialogue a little but I’m not so sure I’m succeeding.
Still, the book moved on a little. Wheels are turning, the plot needs to be more convoluted, hopefully will be more convoluted. I’m trying to compete with the likes of Asimov, Banks, Moorcock, not an easy crowd to hang with.
I have the imagination to compete with the best though.

Did a little bit more editing on the Lily Pond.
Finally realising my semi-colon fetish might be a little overwhelming. It’s getting the glance right and I don’t want them just in lists, it’s the bounce of the sentence a la Virginia Woolf that’s the difficult thing to achieve but I’m getting there, it’s coming; practice is key.
Losing the capitals on some of the words has been a good move too. This is what? the fifteenth version of this novel and only now am I finally getting to the point where I think this might be close to the last version.
Hope so because I’m sick of the thing but it’s not going on sale until it’s right. After so much work it has to be, plus so much of it is pertinent to (some of) the history of the family I think it deserves the extra time. I’d like the two remaining members to read and enjoy it for the idealised version it is and hopefully the rest of the kids will one day get to read it and get something from it also, even if it’s just the impression that we were all closer than we really were.
It’s a nice tribute to big brother Kevin at least. I’d like to pretend we really were like that once.
So; a good day; busy, not so much social media, bit of a walk, lots of writing. Fruitful I think mother would have termed it…I like that ~ fruitful.


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