Murderous tattoos

So, back to school…eeeyuurgh!
Still, at least I just had to deal with maths and didn’t end up stabbed to death by a pupil as the shock hideousness at one school in Leeds revealed on the news this evening. What sort of freak takes a knife to school and then kills a sixty-two year old teacher?
I’m guessing he didn’t like Spanish.
Never seems to be girls who stab people does it? A few bitch-slaps and that’s it, if at all.
Saying that, judging by the state of American girls with their hideously disgusting violations of any form of taste whatsoever as proved by their revolting chest and neck tattoos I can’t see it being long before they start taking on the role of Psychotic teacher-killers too.
I am horrified by the revolting rubbish these girls are wrecking their bodies with. Locks around their necks, faces inked under their chin, foul! I thought I was open-minded until this fairly recent fashion began to show up on Instagram and Tumblr but I’m obviously not because I find it gross and that thing with the two studs where dimples might be…what the fuck? Who could seriously thing that is in any way attractive?
I realise everyone has differing ideas of beauty but I don’t get it.
Tattoos all down lovely slim legs that definitely look better free of ‘art’.
I know for sure because an extremely sexy tattoo artist who has been building up ink has pictures of before and after and while only one leg is inked the before is seriously SO much better.
I don’t really see how you can improve a beautiful slim woman by adding anything, perhaps the odd tattoo here and there but just as with the male, when they’re smothered it just looks a bloody mess. And don’t ever forget that no matter how good modern ink is that black WILL turn green eventually. I’ve got a wrist-tattoo that’s only four years old and if I’d suspected for a moment it would fade so quickly (despite constant sun cream and moisturising) I would never have bothered. In fact I insist on colour and as little black as possible now for that very reason. Anything but black, you might as well use green because that’s what you end up with anyway and me being colourblind I’m not a fan of dark colours anyway.
Unless it’s Beyoncé’s bottom, of course.

So anyway, maths was bloody awful as usual.
Trigonometry. Why? What was going on in Pythagorus’ head? The man is a genius but why do I have to learn that shit? I’m going to write about a maths teacher who is abused and murdered to make up for it. The pain will continue for an inordinately long time to make up for the headaches. (no, really)

Managed to do a few paragraphs of editing. It’s going well, things are being ironed out, semi-colons are being removed from their wrongful place and utilised more judiciously. Metaphors are being tidied, language made more effortlessly readable.
If only people understood the amount of effort that goes into producing a quality book perhaps they might appreciate them more but it’s a commodity like anything else. People aren’t starving are they? it’s just a book. Nobody got killed in the process. Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong?

Murder is so popular: why?
Not so popular in real life and yet it sells more than any other genre.
I bet there’s some fucker already planning their first novel about a kid who stabs their teacher. The ass will probably make a mint too.

Life eh?
Hardly here a moment and the only value for many of us is to feature in some shitty crime thriller about the horrible way we left the planet.
Is that immortality?
I think I’d rather go without.


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