Too much sleep or not enough?

What IS enough?
As I’ve been learning in maths class there has to be a definition or a ratio to make an informed guess. All I know is I woke tired, felt like I was dreaming all day then fell asleep on the sofa for an hour and a half and still feel like I’ve had no sleep for years. (Guess what I’m doing soon?)
Maybe it’s just that the world seems so shitty today?
I rushed out of the house with a couple of sips of my coffee, raced to an appointment then waited ten minutes for the ignorant fuck only to find I was being kept waiting by an attractive blonde lady. Bastards!
You know I’m not going to go off over her. (Ooh matron, a little bit carry on) it’s true though isn’t it? That’s why they put attractive blonde ladies in those positions, (ohh) to avoid any of those scenes.
Anyway, after dealing with the stressy part of the day I got back & wapped the coffee I didn’t have time to drink back in the microwave but the day appeared lost already. Sinking into the sofa my lame body refused to move. A bit of Facebook, a tweet, a stressful interaction with someone who doesn’t know when to shut the fuck up*, and sleep.

*(Some people are fucking mental! How many times in this life do you think you’re likely to meet someone who’s prepared to advertise for you for free even though you only know them through Fbuk? No wonder black people have such an attitude, they never let up on the racism thing and assume everyone is reading way too much into their colour than they are. Just for the record can I say here, where no one will ever read it, but I don’t give a shit what colour you are muthafucker. If you’re writing’s good and you’re polite and decent, you get my vote. I fucking DO NOT like rude, racist or ungrateful.)

I’ve had one good review and I cherish it.
I hope I get many more but coming from a fellow writer they’re the ones I want to read.
Anyway, muthafukka won’t be getting any more free help and in future I’ll keep my freebies to myself like all the rest of the N-words out there. Fucks sake, I already had to delete one muthafukka who couldn’t get over her belief that the whole fucking world was out to hate the black race. Yea, they probably are if you go searching the news channels for anything to back up your dumb opinion but the vast majority of people don’t think like that. Why the fuck would you want to ruin your day by searching out the negative?
I’m too busy looking for nice shit to relieve my depression. Don’t need that shit in my life. I’ve had enough negatives for one lifetime.
Lost a daughter, taken away by her vile mother at two, the love of my life.
My youngest stepdaughter is schizophrenic ~ gone. The gorgeous girl I knew is no longer there, just the shell.
Lost my granddaughter because her dumbfuck mother’s (my middle stepdaughter) a junkie. Her newborn son, born Nov 2012, was taken into care so I’ll never get to see my grandson now. Fucking great!
So yea, not much surprise I try to keep my mind on other shit because if I dwell on the loss I would never step out the fucking door and I’m really sorry about all the fucking fuck words but I’m fucking sick of fucks irritating me when I don’t feel great, okay?

Now, if I could just get some fucking sleep!


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