Late night?

Only had five and a bit hours sleep last night.
Don’t know what happened there but I knew I’d had enough when I woke and besides, I’ve been hoping to wake ready to write for days now so I took the chance and got on with it.
I may have misjudged the situation…
Struggled to drag an A4 page out of me in an hour so went for the sunny walk instead. Tried to write a little more sat up to a bench along the river Medina but the mixture of suntan-temperature sun combined with a breeze running down the river that could send shivers up your back wasn’t conducive to concentrating so I came home again. Had a snack, tried a little more but the heat in my bedroom/attic room knocked the stuffing out of me so, zzzz, an hour and a half later I got back on with the days work and managed to force the requisite 2,000 words out. There has been way too much staring into space and struggling to find the correct word but it was a good days work. I’m pleased with the word count. Wish I could push myself this hard every day, I might actually get this novel finished by end of summer. Still, I did a bit of proofing on The Lily Pond so things are rolling on it only appears nothing’s happening.
Any minute now I’ll have Astaars 1st draft done, Lily ready to go and His Own Downfall back from Hache and ready to publish and I’ll still be piddling with ‘The Act’.
Not sure about publishing.
Might sort out having print copies available for purchase but publish more so they can sit doing nothing? Er; pointless!

I have to say I hate this relentless bollocks so many shit authors are doing all over twitter, Fbuk, Tumblr etc. Ooh buy me, love me, review me?
Fuck off you needy boring twat!
I have no answer to the difficulty of selling your novel any more than anyone else but boring the shit out of everyone who goes near your social network feed surely can’t be the answer?
I do put stuff about my profession up there but at least I try to intersperse it with everyday shhhh too. I don’t get the asses who set their account to generate hourly updates, wa da fu?
No doubt there is a way to gain the interest of the public but badgering them can’t be it. I mean, I am a badger so I should know.
I wish I could use my sexuality to help me but I’m not convinced taking pictures of my penis is going to help my cause. Maybe I could get a stand-in cock to cover the photoshoot? If Keira Knightley had to use a bottom double for her perfume ad there can’t be any hope for the rest of us. You would imagine the girl has pert buttocks but maybe not, maybe she’s too skinny?

Anyway, a reasonably productive day for once. Tired now though and no doubt the brain will revert to it’s usual monged out state when I wake. It feels as though there’s something clogging the cells lately, horrible.
Incidentally, mong IS a perfectly acceptable word for all manner of uses so long as it’s not applied as an insult.
Personally I’ve never used it to refer to others, apart from monged out dope smokers but that was so long ago I don’t consider it part of my world any more. A lifetime ago considering the changes since I got away from the crap. Anyway, I intend to keep it in the vocab’ for the uses it applies to and fuck the do-gooders and their pathetic close-down-the-world-with-suppression-of-individuality-and-the opinions-of-non-conformists bullshit.
Since when did social workers decide the language?
Fuck them.


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