Bank holiday 5/5/14


My brother would have been 61 today.
Kevin only made it to 54.
Bizarre to think it was nearly seven years ago he passed.
Mum was eight years in August. What a few years that was!
It’s odd how sometimes you think you have your opinion of someone decided, like/hate/love? Me and Kevin had a ‘difficult’ relationship. He was nine years older so by the time I was old enough to remember him the bullying had already started. Anyway, no detail but let’s say we fell out when I was 14/15 and never got it back. I saw him a lot for the first time in years when mum was on her last weeks but saw little reason for remorse. We did try and we chatted and had moments but really we just didn’t like each other much. Now I really regret that we didn’t manage to establish a better deal before he left. I thought I should look up to him, after all my dad was an ass so it was him or my sister who also gave me a hard time later in my teens, there weren’t a great number of options.
Lucky mum was so cool really wasn’t it?
Don’t have much luck with family although we all get on fine now but there are still resentments that drift to the surface every now and then.

So, yes, an odd day.
Did a fair bit of writing. I’m keen to get this sci-fi story moving.
The last novel was difficult almost all the way through so it would be nice to have an easier time with this one.
Writing pictures…pretentious? That is effectively what I’m trying to do but without endlessly long descriptions of every scene. It’s a difficult style to pull off but I’ve got a style and it’s coming easier with each book now so you never know, I might actually be really good one day.
The Lily Pond will be ready before the end of the month.
His Own Downfall looks like it will be out by June too.

An odd one…continued.
Kathy, an ex of many years ago, sent me a message on Facebook to ask if I’d be interested in ghost-writing her autobiography. I haven’t seen her in years but somehow in that time she’s managed to do a lot of travelling, had adventures, had a breakdown, got an education, a daughter, career and is currently living happily ever after. Amazing!
I knew none of this as when we were together she was a mere 19, sweet and not-so-innocent but I would never have imagined her doing half the things she has. I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress.
It will certainly make a change from my usual writing but I am slowly putting my bio onto record too. Not overly adventurous but just as an aid to memory really. Trying to remember the sequence of each failure is wearing, it’ll be nice to have it all documented ready for when senility takes away any ability to work out where the smell of piss is coming from.

So all in all a good day.
Worked a bit, ate bowls of yummy tuna salad whilst watching Moto G.P.
Did a bit of editing and lots of social networking.
And now it’s all going to be ruined because I’ve got maths tomorrow, yuk!
Might need a bit of ice cream to salve the horror.


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