The daily edit


Why would you write a book and not edit it yourself?
Because you do not have the skills?
Maybe you shouldn’t be writing until you’ve acquired the necessary then?
This was the problem with The Lily Pond.
The classic ‘there’s a novel in everyone’ rubbish. Yep, unfortunately it’s a shitty one full of terrible grammar, spelling mistakes, issues of tense not matching, poor plot, really rubbish metaphors and all round a bit repetitive and, er: crap!
Luckily though I have spent five years refining my technique, struggling to understand the correct usage of semi-colons and now I can throw a metaphor out there as easily as a professional bowler can take the wings off a fly that should unwittingly soil his stumps.
And so we edge towards that point where the first novel what I ever writ is nearing completion for the nth time except this time it really will be ready for others eyes to take it in in its revised glory. It’s actually a proper story now with good characterisation, quality, believable dialogue (even if it is between boy and fox or dragonfly, deer, unicorn etc) some great metaphors, really lovely imagery.
It’s taken a long time and a lot of other work has been favoured over hassle of going back and sorting out the first mess but I think I’m finally there.
Well, I know I am.
I’ll be proud to release this one as it’s along the lines of the books I loved when I was younger, a little bit Lion, Witch, Wardrobe, a bit Boys Own adventures, a little bit sci-fi. I’d read it; in fact I will read it again once a year or two has passed. It takes me a while to forget I wrote it before I can return and simply enjoy the language and the story without critiquing every sentence.
I think I could probably proof and edit others work now though I don’t know if I’m ready for the trauma involved but I wouldn’t have missed the learning curve of managing my own portfolio for anything.


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