Hi, I write all my novels longhand and for the reasons you quote. I write at the speed I think although sometimes I get on one and I can’t quite get it down quick enough but those moments are rare. My handwriting is lovely, I love everything about the feel of the pen, the sound, the way I swirl my D’s and curl my G’s and Y’s.
I grew up in the 70’s, taught myself to type and tried to move to iPad last year but after a mishap where I lost 40,000 words (safe, luckily) I’ve returned to writing for first drafts.
It makes the first draft to type an easier process, concise but I still over-edit and rewrite. I complain but I love it and recommend the gel pen and a good quality paper. And my birthday cards are cute, scripted.
Regards, Broc.

Nillu Nasser Stelter

The Penman's Blood by arnoKath The Penman’s Blood by arnoKath

I have a confession to make. The content of my email inbox, with the exception of pictures of my nephews and the blogs I subscribe to, is uninspiring. My virtual letterbox tends to be filled with bills, receipts and reminders. Emails save time and money, yet still I long for days past. I’d like to cut down on the amount of missives I receive, and replace them with more satisfying ones. I’d choose fewer but longer emails over the perfunctory electronic communication of today in a heartbeat. What a joy it is to pour over rare long emails, the ones filled with delicious titbits of news and sensual descriptions of new experiences, reminiscent of the letters of old. Snail mail is even better. How wonderful to sink into a sofa, tuck your legs up under you and tear open a letter from afar, to see…

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