Novels about tattoos?


I’m confused by the world.
As far as I know there is just the one tattoo novel and that has nothing to do with tattoos although someone told me Stephen King has written a horror (surprise, yawn!) about a tattoo or something along those tedious lines but anyway I have no knowledge of a novel based around a specific tattoo having been written.
‘They’ say ‘write about what you know’. Check.
‘They’ say ‘know your audience’. Check.
So how is it that so few have read my novel?
How do you get somewhere from nowhere when your work is outstanding but find getting it from obscurity to the audience it deserves is so difficult? Nope: me neither.
I think I wrote this one in 2011, I know it flew out of me and probably hasn’t had the necessary amount of editing I would give a novel now but there’s no doubt a certain naivety to it that might be endearing because of that. It’s certainly not lacking in content whether every dot is in the right place or not though if I still had the original draft I probably would have given it a makeover by now. Editing is such a slow laborious process though and the easiest way I know to bore yourself of your own work and lose its freshness if you overdo it. The thing is you know when the ideas are flowing by the speed of the writing and the whole flow of the way it ends up on paper. ‘Tales of’ just rushed out of me.
The trouble is there’s a tendency to just chuck stuff out on social media forgetting that most people aren’t on there to be sold stuff. The Americans are the worst for it, hard sell or what? Some of them just smash their stuff in your face. All those stories of people putting a novel online and it going stupid overnight and the money rolling in has got every half-assed c-grade student thinking they can emulate proper authors and make a fortune in the process but of course the main thing is to be a quality writer first; then,
m a y b e try a bit of promotion but don’t overdo it.
Personally I find the whole thing tedious. In fact it’s getting to the point now where I’m going to just pull back from it and write because the business side is the pits. I didn’t start this to make loads of money, I’ve already written way more than I’d ever intended and the standard of my work is way above where I set out from and getting better every time I pick up the pen but there doesn’t seem to be a way to get your name out there.

Saying that a friend told me she bought my charity novel today.
(If The Wings Fit? £2:99 ~ all profits to
She’s read a chapter and said it reads just like any other book.
How amazing is that?
I can’t quite believe I’m actually doing this, that my work actually entertains, so when I hear things like that it’s incredible to me. I know, because a professional recently told me how good my last novel is, that I’m doing good work and really that’s all I could ever have dreamt of.
I’m living my dream.
I live on my gorgeous Isle of Wight; I write most days; the air is fresh; I have a home and food, I can keep warm when it’s cold and I don’t have to do ‘proper’ work at the moment. What more, seriously, is there?
Maybe it’s the compliments I crave, am I really so needy?
I think it’s confirmation that I’m good at something; that I entertain; that something I do has value after so many years of feeling worthless that means a great deal to me.
I know it’s partly to do with the fact that my blood-daughter refuses to see me. Some day I hope to create a name for myself so she can’t deny my skill. So I’m not just a wanker who she believes gave up on her.
I have my girls, Laura, Kylie and Natalie regardless but Naiomi inspires me to work hard, not sure what it is I’m hoping for but it’s always good to have something or someone driving you to achieve more than you might alone. Saying that, inspiring my grandchildren to achieve a few dreams registers pretty highly in my goals too.

I would love everyone who’s interested in tattoos to read this though, there’s so much below the surface with the tattoo community, we deserve our own underground artists, writers, musicians.
There’s nowhere near enough originality around and I reckon I contributed something special with this one.
Actually, you know what? I’m going to go against all that ‘ooh you mustn’t boast, mustn’t brag, mustn’t laugh at your own jokes’ English bollocks.
This novel is a fantastic ‘out there’ concept that is unique amongst all of the literature I’ve seen so far.
Trust me, I’ve read a lot.


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