Ha ha ha halal meat

So it’s all going off about the halal meat thing.
Weird because I seem to have been aware of the issue for many years but only now has the media suddenly got hold of it. Maybe if more read the ‘quality’ papers and actually digested the long words and more than two syllable words there might not be so much ignorance but you know what really gets my goat? (obviously I don’t actually own a goat although many years ago a friend did actually have a couple, mum and daughter and incredibly cute they were. The baby was amazing! Playing headbutts with a baby goat is a bucket-list must if you’ve never experienced it. Anyway, suffice to say they were looked after as pets though they provided cheese, milk etc, and never faced the slaughterhouse, halal or not.)

Yea so what does get your goat Broc?
Race-fascists, that’s what gets my goat.
You know, the amazingly so-much-cleverer, so much better informed fact-monkeys who cannot ever allow anyone to have an opinion without bombarding them with ‘facts’ as if they have somehow discovered something of value that the rest of us lesser individuals might have missed. The unsaid but constantly hinted at accusation that if you don’t succumb to the bullying and persistent fact-monkeys that you are somehow inherently racist. So tedious!
I’m not racist…but.

I’m not racist.
I have an opinion on everything, I voice it, I try not to upset too many people but I will have my say and I will form my own opinions based on the facts as I read them. That is what being an intelligent individual is all about is it not?Studying issues, making rational decisions based on that study and apparently worst of all, sticking to those ideals regardless of whatever rubbish is thrown by race-fascists who merely jump on every bandwagon available and abuse anyone who might be deemed in some way inferior to their beliefs, most of which are based on dubious media-based quotations.
I don’t know exactly when England changed into the pathetic follow-the-leader, everyone-do-as-they’re-told society it’s become but unlucky, I’ve been used to having and expressing opinions long before the succumb-to-mob-rule bullies and social workers took over with their ‘ooh you mustn’t say that’, and their ‘ohhh you mustn’t have an opinion that’s not approved by some fucking committee of assholes who’ve never been out in the real world’.

Apologies but racism is everywhere and a lot of it isn’t about white people dissing other races.
Personally I get great pleasure from ginger racism, or fattism.
Another one I enjoy is mildly abusing all northerners destruction of the fine art of the English language.
Well, actually, I am liable to ridicule anyone who mispronounces my language. Oh no, sorry, did I utter the word…MY. (Racist bastard)
Oh no, there is no ‘my’ anymore. There is no England, no right to autonomy, no right to pride even though we were all brought up to cheer for ‘our’ team, ‘our’ athletes, ‘our’ troops but now that is seen as a racist abuse of the rights of, well, just about anyone who cares to pick the point up and run with it.
So, yea, a little bit tired of the halal debate.
Might have a cheese sandwich


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