Enough is enough…when?

So it dawned on me yesterday after checking my amazon account that I’ve now self-published fourteen 14 Ebooks!
Wow, woop de doo, rad!
Yep, considering I started with the intention of writing a book for Scarlett (Granddaughter) I’ve done reasonably well but….here’s the crunch.
I’ve sold six, maybe seven.
I didn’t expect miracles, I understand that the bullshit stories amazon send out are full of crap but I have to say I’d hoped for more. I started writing fairly seriously five years ago, very quickly knocked the first few manuscripts off but even more quickly realised my standards were nowhere near good enough for the marketplace so I’ve been very careful to critique everything until now I know I’m up to scratch. ( I can use semi-colons like a big boy)
I’ve had four reviews in the local paper and the whole of the Isle of Wight has at various times over the past few years been covered in advertisements for my work and yet…no response.
Even a nasty review would be preferable to being ignored!
I put stuff up on Fbuk, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram but I figure most people don’t go on there to read adverts so I try not to be too American about it all but even on Fbuk, I rarely get a response and I know most of those people!!!
I asked for help to support a young girl who needs a wheelchair after dedicating the sales from one novel to her charity but only managed to get a few people to share the post and even then it has only sold three at £3:00 a copy and I don’t see a penny of that.
So, a couple of years of having my work online, a total of three/four sales, apart from the charity books, I have to admit I’m disheartened.
I’m rushing to get my last book proofed and another is being professionally proofed so it looks like I’ll have another two out by the end of the year but seriously? What the Fffffff is the point?
Pissing in the wind, off a cliff, in a storm, and the wind is hitting the cliff so creating an updraft that twists in a slight vortex to ensure maximum splashback.


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