Edit, edict, or ‘ed ache

Edit edit edit, I’m changing my terrible tense blindness into the correct past tense because I have a tendency to mix tenses which is fine for me, I know what I’m saying and it reads perfectly to my eye but I realise there are plenty of people who don’t get the world from my warped perspective. Somehow I’ve managed to mix I am with I was, we did, I did, diddle did.
It’s a bit weird and I’m going to check really carefully cos I may have got it wrong and have to rewrite the whole poxy thing but what the fuck, no-one reads my old shite so it hardly matters.
Anyway it’s added a whole new dimension to my writing because this latest experiment with psycho loony Alaish and his mental spider-choked brain is a total departure from my usual style. Maybe next time I might remember which tense I’m actually writing in?


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