Wrong charity


Disappointed? What, after asking my ‘friends’ to share a post on Fuckwit-book? What, because not one of the asses could be bothered to perform such a simple task? What, because when the fucks are asked to do the same for a cancer charity everyone is on it like a fucking dog with two dicks?
Can anyone explain what the fuck that shit is about?
Selfies, yea okay, £5:00 a go? Yea, no problem.
Stephen’s recent request? Raised however many million was it?
Yea, no problem, after all, it is for cancer eh?

Sorry, my charity request isn’t for the ‘right’ charity. I’m not on-trend.
No, mine is to help a 14 year old English girl become mobile because she struggles to walk what with being in constant pain from CRPS.
(Apparently it’s similar to having a limb removed without anaesthetic)
But, hey, it’s not cancer so don’t bother with that one eh?
I doubt you’ve even heard of it, right?
Probably best to give your cash to the big C and don’t bother with silly little things like kids in agony every waking moment.
Yea, go back to your busy fucking lives and let the non-trend charities go without. After all, if you haven’t heard of it, it doesn’t matter eh?

What the fuck is the fucking point?


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