Sun, sand and motorbikes


Today we went motorcycling, cake-eating and latte supping then for a short walk along Compton bay beach. I was amazed to find a couple were in the sea and one woman was sunbathing! Bizarre.
Not for them but for me to not be down with summer. I don’t know what’s up with me. I think it’s because I live in a cave that barely sees the sun in the lounge but the garret heats up to stoooopid temperatures making sleeping a pain and staying awake all day difficult. I had one piece of cake with my coffee, rode a few miles and had one of those ‘need to close my eyes before I fall over’ moments that us olds get whilst walking along the beach. I literally flopped down like a toddler after too much sugar and had ten minutes of eye closure to restore myself enough to make the trip home.
I wonder if I’m going to make it through another ten years.
Seriously, it feels as if my metabolism is closing down and my body just seizes on me if I eat. Often within half an hour I have to, HAVE, to nod out. Pathetic! Saying that those afternoon naps are amazing but I haven’t felt awake in years now. The odd day once or twice a month but that’s it.

Anyway, motorbikes rock.
I’ve been watching the TT and we have a few roads similar here on t Isle of Wight where you can have a blast with no ill effects so I got behind the screen and went for it. Wish I still had the R1 but my Honda goes okay. Getting round the corners at speed is amazing. How they go the speeds they do without crashing all the time I don’t know. I would go faster but it’s not safe on public roads and slightly irresponsible but if there’s anything as good as riding a bike I haven’t found it. Maybe flying but it’s the close contact, the strip of Tarmac, obstacles etc that makes it so good. I’m not convinced just fannying about in the air could give the same rush.

So the TT was won by Michael Dunlop who managed to redeem himself slightly in my books through showing concern over his brother’s crash so good luck to the twonk. A shame for Guy Martin but maybe he’s always going to be the runner up. He’s not quite got whatever it takes but if I had ten years I don’t think I could get up to those speeds but then I’m not completely mental.
One day I’ve got to have a blast round that course though…next year?


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