Blue trees, green skies


I even struggled to make 1,000 words yesterday but I did fall asleep on the couch for nearly two hours so I’m guessing the brain’s had enough.
Today it’s revising calculator maths in the hope I can find a rabbit at the bottom of the empty bag I left my earlier exam with on Monday. Memory, that’s the trick, must get a memory. I wonder if S-babes sell them, they sell everyfuckingthing else except the cheese I needed for my salad yesterday because all the wealthy fuckers who constantly whine that they’re so poor had stripped the store. Always the same, the supermarkets put a deal on, the really poor people buy the one or two items they can afford while mr and mrs poverty (always whining about their gas bill while spending a few grand on holiday every year) come along and stock up big-style. No-one ever thinks to put a limit on the amount each customer can buy. I wouldn’t be surprised if the supermarket bosses butlers call the cabinet members butlers just so they can all save a few pennies on their baked beans while we plebs struggle to eat own-brand cack.
Anyway, I digress but then I’m free to as no-one reads a thing I write


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