Maths, sunshine, coffee and music


Spotted the anomaly? Yep, sunshine, in England!
I see a lot of wankers are on about the full moon 13th of the month bollocks as ever. Fwa fwa fwa, that’s like June thirteen man to all you Americans.
I was born on Friday the thirteenth and it hasn’t affected me except everything I do fails, women don’t like me. All my relationships have failed until I gave up eight/nine years ago. But apart from the lack of a life, sex, money, success, wealth, fun, friends, family etc, everything’s fine.

So anyway, I’ve got a maths calculator paper in the morning. 9:30 sharp.
Did a revision class today, a bit more when I got in and a bit of writing. Did a little editing so I’m all set for tomorrow.
Do the exam, go sit In the local cafe after and whine a bit on social media then maybe sit somewhere by the river where I can hear a bit of the music festival just along the road from me on the Isle of Wight.
I’ve never really been interested in the Isle of Wight festival. To me it’s the more commercial end of the festival scene but they do have some great bands there this year. My thing is more Bestival but the site is on a huge slope and last time I went I thought I might die from the pain in my hips. I’m reasonably fit now but I was much fitter a few years ago yet walking down those poxy hills nearly did for me. I swore never again. Even Glastonbury with it’s more graduated scenery is off putting when you’re an old fart. Who thought the day would come when I’d be too unfit to enjoy a festival but there it is, I’m there. Actually I was there two years ago. I still did all the usual, danced lots, enjoyed all the bands I saw but being in constant pain because I had to face a mountain to get on site ruined the weekend for me.
I suppose at 51 I should really be doing something more age-appropriate, knitting, sewing, making jam?

Whatever, tomorrow I’ll be sat in the sun with a cup of coffee (low calorie sweetener, not sugar) wishing my belly was half the size and my hips ten years younger while I listen to that thudding young peoples music until it all gets a bit much and I have to come home for a snooze on the sofa.


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