Domesticated and violent


Why do women go for those guys with the shaved heads even though they’ve got a full head of hair? You know the ones with the England tattoos, the muscles but the intellect of their pet dogs. (ALWAYS those dodgy breeds the police are trying to outlaw)
My filth neighbour (scaffolder, shaved head, muscles, England tattoos, two syllables a bit of a reach) came home about an hour and a half ago and kicked his door in then attacked his tiny wife/partner before disappearing. Their nine/ten year old son could probably beat her up so why a ‘big man’ like him felt the need is beyond me but I did overhear him threatening her a few weeks ago and dismissed it as a one-off but….
Sadly she’ll probably allow the thug back inside the home but personally I never understand the female propensity for forgiveness. Few males would allow anyone who had assaulted them any form of forgiveness, well; unless it was one of their fuckwit scaffolder mates who’d had a few too many, such is the level of retardation inherent in the breed.
No: seriously, no male with a full compliment of brain-cells would contemplate sharing their home with anyone who had attempted, let alone inflicted violence upon them, so why do women allow it?
Men who attack women, men who bully children, men who shame themselves and all men by bullying anyone are not true men.
A REAL man has no need of intimidation but a real man will stand up for those that are being bullied, will put himself in harms way to defend those that cannot defend themself. I have done so, only to be abused by the very woman I was trying to defend but I will no doubt do it again in the hope that I can put one of these vile bullies in their place. Underground!

Shame the fuckers I say.
My neighbour works for Ace scaffolding, Isle of Wight, England.
He is a wimp, a bully, a pathetic specimen of non-manhood and an embarrassment to all decent people but most of all he has shamed and shown the worst example he possibly could have done to his own son.


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