Marketing yourself


I’m so rubbish at this ‘buy me buy me, love me love me’ stuff.
I didn’t ever think I would get so damn good at this as to seriously believe I could entertain people but it turns out I really can write, like proper books, novels, prose, whatever.
So, now I have to try and sell my work to an uninterested public who are already battered from all sides by charlatans (not THE Charlatans, I’m not sure what they’re doing. Last I saw Tim Burgess was off doing some solo project. Don’t know what the rest of the band are doing but promoting my novels is not something they would get involved with, although if they read this one about the music biz…maybe?)
The bookshelves already creak under the weight of chicklit, vampire-lovers and middle-aged ladies fantasy-porno dross and now the Ebook market means anyone can publish their poor quality toilet too so how are you supposed to tell the good from the bad?
I’m as guilty as everyone else. Irritated by the total lack of interest from the publishers and the arrogance of the agents I put my stuff out there only to realise how rubbish the early stuff was. (I’m slowly correcting the silly mistakes and editing everything up to the standards they should have been at the start, sorry but at least I’ve realised and done something about it. There are too many who don’t even realise or care)
Maybe if I’d fully understood the level I needed to be working at I would have shit myself and given in but somehow I’ve pushed myself into that corner and come out fighting.
Basically some fuck sat behind a desk who can’t write isn’t telling me my work’s not good enough. It wasn’t, fair enough but… I was going to say read this but that’s not how it works is it? Actually the free bit is available on kindle so yea, why not? Go read a bit of His Own downfall, it’s awesome.
This one I managed to get proofed for free by a professional lady who knows the industry and helps aspiring authors. She gave me the confidence to release it as I wasn’t going to bother, couldn’t see the point, still not sure if there is a point but whatever, it’s coming out so we’ll see eh?
If it gets the usual lack of interest I will stop. (No, really)

I don’t know how to promote stuff, don’t know where to send them, don’t know what to say that doesn’t sound arrogant or a marketing ploy.
All I want to do is entertain people and offer something to lift them out of this shitty world into my fantasies of better, more interesting places. Isn’t that what books are supposed to be; an escape? My brain doesn’t work around the concept of money or marketing, it works (when it does) sideways, through treacle, cotton wool and bubbles and out of those bubbles I blow images and lost dreams.


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