New book


It’s that time again, 21st June, midsummers day, what was mum’s birthday and I’m releasing my fifteenth novel. I wonder what she would have made of that? I have a feeling she wouldn’t be overly surprised.
It was actually composing something for the order of service for her funeral that made me realise how easily words come to me. Actually, how easily amalgamating an approximation of all the cheesy crap others have used for their epithets is more like it but you get the idea?
Anyway, mum got her part in The Lily Pond, my last non-seller.

I’m expecting big things, maybe five, possibly more, sales in the first year? Going by the amount of interest the rest of my catalogue has generated I’m being over optimistic but you have to dream eh? In a way I’m kind of hoping for confirmation that though I’m good I’m not good enough so I can take a step back from the constant smashing my face into a wall of apathy. I know I have some of the skills, grammar, quite good at dialogue etc but I reckon I need to concentrate on school and as I’m going to need a job I could probably do with stepping back. Maybe after a few years of university I can try again but to be honest I reckon a lot of it is the dreaded marketing and that’s never going to be me and to be honest, why should it be?
People with artistic bents shouldn’t have to deal with the business side, it’s ridiculous to expect to be able to do both. Again, maybe at uni they’ll teach me something about that side and no doubt have a few leg-ups to offer.

Whatever, fifteen Ebooks ain’t bad eh mum?
If you could see me now, still going nowhere but just in a different direction of nowhere that meanders everywhere but somewhere.
Still, I give good metaphor


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