Book launch fail


I’m used to failing, it’s what’s I expect after a lifetime of it but I had hoped for a little more with this one. One sale! ONE!…ha haaa, how pathetic?
It’s really difficult to get publicity when you’re starting out but this time the editor who convinced me to publish helped with her own publicity and her network of industry people and… I’m a bit worried that the only sale might have been to her!
I wasn’t going to bother again as all my other work has been ignored.
I thought I needed to come up with a better strategy for gaining publicity before I put any more work out there but I still have no idea what it could be, besides I’ve convinced myself my stuff isn’t good enough but apparently she assures me it is. I’m convinced everyone’s more interested in vampires, murder/mystery, bondage-porn etc than well-written non-specific genre stuff like mine. It’s sort of romance but human condition, philosophical too.

Anyway, I know the quality of the work I’ve produced. I don’t know how to convince the world of it’s worth but it’s making me unhappy trying to work it out and as I only started this as a way to entertain my granddaughter and myself it’s irrelevant really eh? A hobby that got a little out of hand.
I’m going to keep writing I think. The pleasure and the flow of ideas might come back if I stop worrying about how to make it pay.
It’s other people who judge success by the amount of money accumulated, not me.


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