Another small leap


So it appears I’ve finished Kim’s Brook ~ The Act ~ Bus-cut Trees: whatever!
The title IS important but I can’t decide Which suits it the most but then it’s irrelevant as this one is going to remain on my flash-drive, hard drive, pad, wha-at-eee-verrrr.
Due to lack of interest from everyone I’m not bothering with self-publishing again until I have some hope of gaining an audience.
Still, it’s good to finish that project so I can return to my sci-fi weirdness that I think might actually turn out okay in the end. It looked like my weakest for a while but somehow I seem to be rescuing it just through discovering original thoughts somewhere amongst the mist and cotton wool that fills most of my brain. I don’t know why I thought I could compete with the likes of Iain Banks or Tolkien but there it is, the arrogance of men!
It turns out I probably can’t but I’m going to finish the draft and hope for the best anyway. I’m about 70,000 words Into it and now the usual ‘can I fit it all in or is it going to end up bigger than intended’ (ooh nurse!)

I’m not going to plan any more writing after this one. I’m bored and I have no idea what audiences want these days. I’m probably a bit old school for the kebab and lager generation and rightly so, I can spell and use grammar.
Dopy old cu.. dopy old fuc… Dozy old wan… Oh you know!


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