Amazon az me amazed


So the great news is we all get a royalty hike from Ireland and Jersey.
Woop de doodledoohoo! Let’s see, 70% of nothing is….er; nothing?
Luckily I’ve recently studied for my maths GCSE that I need to go to uni even though I passed an access course in 1997/98 but hey, fuck that. No, lucky me, the Tory-filth government changed the criteria so I get to spend two years of my life doing kids stuff so I can then spend three years building myself a huge debt in the hope I might one day have a half decent job.
I won’t be wasting my ass writing shitty novels for people to ignore then, oh no! Besides, the muse is running out as most stuff does if you have no success. It’s not that the ideas aren’t there it’s just the ‘what the fucks the point?’ gets in the way. I try to get involved, try to keep the excitement going but even when I finish anything these days I just think of the numbers and realise why me?
You do know J.K. was discovered by the secretary, NOT the agent?
The average (name) agency in Britain has 5-6,000 manuscripts a year sent to it’s slush pile and might, MIGHT, take one or two at most.
So; are you one of the 5,998 who didn’t make it? Why wouldn’t you be? I think my writing is up there with some of the best but I’m not sure if I would be the one to get through that test. The average agent probably spends a massive ten/thirty seconds looking at a script. If nothing jumps out, bye bye. Some of the fuckers have successfully rejected at least five/six of my best efforts. I don’t even bother any more. I don’t believe they even read half the stuff. I’m convinced if they did they would have recognised the possibilities with at least one of the novels I’ve sent; er…the fuckwads!
My twitter and Facebook accounts are full of fellow writers all plugging their poor quality work, all selling themselves short by setting competitions or putting near-porn on their heavily photoshopped covers whilst pricing themselves way too cheap.
As we all know, quality – DOES – NOT – come cheap.
I start all my novels off at £2:50 but that’s it. For a month they’re half price but that’s all. Once they go to full price they’re not going back down. It takes me as long to produce a book as any other author. You want it, okay, read some for free on kindle but then you have to pay for the rest: or not. I don’t really give a shit but you’re not getting it free. I might even go to £7:99 over the next six months. Fuck it, no one reads the stuff so what does it matter? At least if I do sell the odd one I get paid what a quality author is worth and I AM worth that. My last few novels have been top-notch and I have no reason to think the rest will fall below that standard although the chances of me self-publishing again without some serious attempt at better marketing seems like a pointless exercise. When I’ve sold as many books as I’ve written I might consider I’m having some success. Until that day comes I’m going to concentrate on learning some shit and hopefully getting clever enough to just do it for fun.
Fuck, I remember when writing was fun.
Seems a long time ago now


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