Apparently if you don’t feel it’s too much, if you’re not out of your comfort zone believing it’s beyond you then you’re probably not writing anything of worth, I recently read.
Not sure I entirely agree with that but if that’s the case I’m on track with this sci-fi thing I’m trying. It’s proper space ships and all that sci-fi, way put of my comfort zone but whenever I type up the progress I’ve made it appears to be coherent. Maybe I’m overplaying the incompetence?
The last thing I wrote was similar in that I never really knew what I was doing until it was over and then spent ages changing the tense until it felt right. It’s probably one of the better things I’ve written.
Every time I start a new book I’m amazed I ever get to a point where it feels finished. Of course it isn’t without the editing but just to get the words out feels a miracle every time. I’m the kid who was always in the shit at school and now look at me; 71,000 words into a sci-fi novel and I can use semi-colons! Of course I could be delusional…


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