Tattoo two too


Had my foot recoloured after about four years of it slowly looking more and more anaemic. I don’t know which Eastern European country the guy bought his ink from but I think it must have been out of date as the ink fell out before it even healed which would be okay once but I went back and had it done twice! Tosser.
Anyway my Gurl Lisa at Arora, Newport I.O.W. sorted it for me today and put my granddaughter’s name and some pink leopard skin on my shoulder. My skin is so sensitive it’s all swollen up at the moment but it’ll look great once it’s healed. I get dermatitis, (allergic to metal, you know, like the stuff the needle’s made of?) if I had any sense I wouldn’t have tattoos but I’m on a journey of discovery. I’m trying to see if I can get septicaemia.
Not reaaaalleee, but my skin does not like being scratched raw by metal at all, it gets a bit pissed off and goes all red and swollen as if it’s in a strop with me for putting it through the ordeal. The thing is I can’t have the other kids names on me and not my new girlie, Sophia, so tough shit, it has to be done.
That’s probably it for a while now, I keep saying I might have a dragon on my leg but it’s the money!
SO expensive.
£75 for the work today, well worth it but it’s a luxury I cannot afford unless there’s a grandchild involved but that should be the last…unless.
Naiomi hasn’t even started with kids yet but that’s another story altogether.


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