I just uploaded the free bit of my book on Kindle and read the first chapter. It’s really good! Like a proper book though there is an awful lot of fucking swearing. The thing is, if your character is a sweary foul-mouthed druggy musician what can you do? People swear, it’s life; get over it.
Actually the sort of people who get uptight about the fuck word aren’t the sort I want reading my stuff anyway. They can fuck off.
Anyway, I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want to continue reading it. It’s one of those ‘ooh, I wonder what happens next?’ type of novels.
I’m probably biased though I try not to be, it’s just I wonder why it’s not doing so well when some of the drivel out there sells masses. I think I’ll take the higher moral ground and pretend mine is more artistic, prose-worthy, more a fine art work than the trashier Mills & Boon toilet. I’ll probably never be regarded along with the greats but obviously that’s the level I’m aiming for and fuck it if no-one agrees, I reckon I achieved it with this one.


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