The long path into space


Writing sci-fi, sort of.
It’s mutated a bit but I never intended getting into spaceships and all that guff. I’m not sure what the genre I write is…sci-fantasy human condition philosophy maybe? Still, write what you don’t know eh?
It cracks me up when I see all these quotes recycled as if the author of them is some sort of genius beyond the intellectual capacity of the rest of us mere wanna-be’s. I may be non-successful in the financial sense but I can make up my own quotable anecdotes thanks awfully, too kind.
‘Write what you don’t know, it’s more interesting’ being one of them.
‘Make up your own words, if it’s okay for Shakespeare…’ Is another.
See? I’m good at it. I’ve got loads too many to list here.
Anyway, the 75,000 word level has been passed and I’m getting there. I make it difficult by making it up as I go but it’s the only way I know. Planning and plotting chapters seems too strategic, too American for me. I imagine all these writers-course wankers hunched over their iPads, plotting, all desperately trying to come up with the new Twilight/Fifty shades/Harry P when they’ve been done. I know most people want to go over the same old shit but I don’t although unwittingly I probably do anyway but at least allow me the delusion.
My thing is the reluctant hero/heroine.
Strong female characters, ballsy women but guess what? Women go on about how they want such characters but have I got a huge female audience? Have I got an audience? At all?
And I tried so hard to be positive


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