Beach author


I tried writing on the concrete path next to the beach today but only managed a few hundred words.
Because the world is more beautiful than the imagination.
I found myself watching a wasp which, for it’s own odd reason, seemed inordinately interested in a rock right next to the water. I mean, there’s never going to be any pollen on a salty rock by the sea is there! Bizarre, actually beeezarre even if it doesn’t work properly but the fucking thing buzzes so fuck off if you don’t think it’s funny; okay?
En eeeee waaaay, it’s difficult concentrating in the heat.
I have my little rituals at home which ARE transferable but today was a little too hot. I managed to burn both sides of my head on Sunday due to my superb Mohawk hairstyle and being inefficient with the sun cream. It’s not a great look having bright pink baldy bits glaring in the sunlight. It matches my hair I suppose. Regardless, I’ll be having another go tomorrow as we’ve been promised one of the hottest days of the year. Stormy tonight so; could be.
Whatever, the weather in England never lasts long and schools close any minute then… kids everywhere….eueuw!
Make the most of it before those bastids ruin the peace, fuckers.
I like kids but other peoples seriously make me want to assault them when they misbehave and the dumb fuck parent sits there doing nothing or has no clue how to deal with a kid when it’s upset. Er: beat the fuck within an inch of it’s whining, pathetic, squinnying life you fucktools! Fucking nanby Nancy muthafondling jesuslickers. What the fuck happened to adults?

I appear to have digressed. Easily done when there are so many things worth having a good moan about.
I’m getting closer to the conclusion of my scifi book.
I know how it will end.
I’ve put a twist in, or rather I WILL put a twist in at the appropriate point.
I don’t usually do this sort of thing. Well, I don’t usually write spaceship, aliens scifi so I’m a bit unsure what I’m doing really. Still, it’s been good. Not sure if I’ve been entirely successful but it’s all academic innit? If you’re warped mind is up and down, negative/positive/very negative/mildly positive/the raging unfairness of it all, negative, it’s very difficult to see much point and yet somehow we keep plodding don’t we precious?
Yes my love, we do don’t we?
Indeed, it is our vocation.


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