Another one banged off the wrist

As predicted I finally got to the end of the scifi thing.
85,870 words in the end.
A twist in the tale, kind of. Was it a lazy ending? I thought it was a cool idea but no doubt I’m delusional. It’s an occupational hazard. You have to be imaginative and arrogant enough to keep the faith with your ideas but whether that means they’re any good is another matter. Probably not for me to decide.
Anyway, it’s a relief to let the pen slide, effete, from my fingers.
I typed up the pages I’ve written today so it’s all up there ready for the arduous proofreading/editing process.
This is my favourite bit though.
The pen is redundant, the brain fills with cotton wool, the TV provides succour and, hopefully, the whole nasty business will drift into the memory it deserves to be. Eventually I’ll face the next part of the process but for a while I can pretend it’s nothing to do with me.
I might stare into space a bit.
Might go to the beach tomorrow and see if I can get bored. Usually I’m too busy writing, writing, writing, on and on, using up braincells I’ll probably need later on but oh no, like an athlete with the bug I keep straining to achieve better results only to significantly shorten my chances of good health and proper braincells in my dotage. Getting older’s not a problem so long as the mind keeps ticking over but go using up all the good cells on silly scifi stories and who knows where one might end up!
So, I deserve a good long rest now. I promised I would stop writing after this one, or at least get some sense of perspective, maybe get some Perspex and look through that? You never know, if nothing else it will give a different view of the world.
Anyway, if I have any advice it’s don’t become an author, it’s a bloody nightmare, thankless, hard work, an obsession that you never feel up to and spend countless hours berating your stupidity in attempting yet another subject beyond you and if by some miracle you do manage to complete the beastly thing that’s only the beginning. The Fucking thing never let’s you alone, don’t do it.
Do not do it!


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